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Together with numerous advantages that synthetic polymeric materials provide to society in everyday life, there is one obvious disadvantage related to the high flammability of many synthetic polymers. Polymers are used in manufacturing not only bulk parts but also films, fibers, coatings, and foams, and these thin objects are even more combustible than molded parts.
It is clear that flame retardants are an important part of polymer formulations for applications in which polymers have a significant chance of being exposed to an ignition source (electrical and electronic goods), where polymers are easy ignitable (upholstered furniture), or where fast spread of a fire may cause serious problems (associated with building materials and transportation) when evacuating people.

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Flame Retardant polymers

This compound is produced in two ways, halogenated and non-halogenated. In a halogenated flame retardant compound, the halogen fraction begins to decompose in the presence of a flame, resulting in…