Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polymer (MAH-g)

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Maleic anhydride grafted polymers are produced by grafting maleic anhydride onto the polymer backbone. The backbone is often a polyolefin (PE, PP, EVA etc.) but could also be other types of polymers. The maleic anhydride is utilized in order to chemically react with nylon, EVOH, metal or minerals in a compound or multi-layer structure. Maleic anhydride grafted polyolefins are commonly used as a tie-layer in multi-layer film or blow molded structures, as impact modifiers in engineering resins or as compatibilizers in polymer blends.

This class of Products are maleic anhydride grafted Polymers. The grafting operation of the polymer backbone is achieved using a new technology that allows high grafting efficiency. This technology allows us to grafting all kind of polymer with maleic anhydride.

– Chemical coupling agent for like calcium carbonate and wood in polymer compound.
– Compatibilizers for polymer blends such as PE/Polyamide and PC/ABS.
– Chemical coupling agent for glass fiber compound such as PP/GF and polyamide/GF.
– Tie layer in multilayer system.